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The menu is located at the top and bottom of every page. I have also made a virtual tour link for all the pages; just click on the skateboard icon! The small up and down arrows next to the subheadings will transport you to the top or bottom of the current page when clicked.

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The loathers call it boring, the maniacs call it interesting... yes, it is website design. I believe those who are currently taking the same subject (615-120 to be sure) will have to do several integrated webpages that are XHTML and CSS strict.

This is my third posted webpage/website, and even though I hate doing the XHTML bit... I like doing the CSS part, and completely love doing the background plus colour scheme design. The image is graciously lent by Dawn Ball (promotion: please ask her first before using her images, copyrights can attract a lot of lawsuits nowadays!)

You will soon find that my fetish for images do get to the extremes at times. However, rest assured my friend, I  will strive to make this website as engaging, entertaining and pleasant for your eyes. If you are one of the assessors, please don't strain your precious eyes over yellow fonts on red backgrounds, and give me an H1 (just doing what was on Farrago.) Go green. But don't go greed. So switch to IE5+, enlarge your screen, have a great visit and enjoy~  ^__^

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Last updated: 30 September 2002

my XHTML 1.0 is valid! my CSS is valid!