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Sketchbook @So0therz::::

::Camera:: up!down!

In another word, this is the photo section. I don't have many photos loaded up on my computer, and they aren't of a high quality since they are simply scans of actual pictures, so... please excuse my ignorance. I tried to edit the picture sizes so that they look uniformed though. Thanks.

my latest snapshot (confused and tired)This is my picture in the DIS lab - tired and hungry. What I'd been working on for the past three hours wasn't coming out well! Warning: as I have mentioned before, cameras don't always capture what we see, and I hate to admit I look chubby in this picture (well anyway, no-one would look good on photos UNLESS theirs are pro-airbrushed...)

::Eyeview:: up!down!

Sketches, sketches! The underlying philosophy of art is that the eyes can see what the camera cannot capture. Therefore, 'fine art' artworks possess a different ambiance that can't be easily acquired by using a camera. Too bad for a photographer...

an oil paintingThe original picture was (actually) another snapshot of the shy artist (yes, me again) after winning an award on her oil painting, taken by a friend. I tried to change the object of the photo to the oil painting, but apparently failed, ending up with a chunky block of sepia-tinted pixels. The painting is still kept somewhere within the Art Dept storeroom at my old school.

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Last updated: 30 September 2002

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