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Design @So0therz::::

::Page layout and colour scheme:: up!down!

I use the background image to define my pages' contents outline due to a difference in its colour depth since it is clear-cut. The navigation instruction is given on top of the home.htm to reduce navigating confusions. The green colour scheme is to soothe the assessors' eyes after hours of looking at hundreds of pages similar to this in structure.

::XHTML:: up!down!

By making my pages XHTML strict, they will be displayed in a certain manner where browser will not encounter 'confusions' while executing the tags. The disclaimer and last-updated information enclosed on the bottom of each page is meant to ease content reading when the page is scrolled down to the bottom. No animated GIFs and Flash animations are used as to conform to the strict standard. I have used heading and list tags extensively. In general, this site proves that with simple XHTML formatting and clever usage of colour and design a sophisticated look can be achieved.

::CSS:: up!down!

CSS helps by lending a generalised and consistent look throughout without upsetting the XHTML coding, while being more flexible than in-line HTML formatting. It is used to give the pages the look and feel of a framed HTML document without using one. It's too good to be true. Wow.

::Validation:: up!down!

Both the XHTML and CSS has been validated and is strict with no errors or warnings at all, after long late hours of labour-intensive, eye-straining learning (ten points, please...)

::Contents, spelling and grammar:: up!down!

I use colloquial English on the pages at it gives a laidback and casual impression of the overall content. All the spelling and grammars have been checked manually (I hate American English spelling rules), so there should be no meaning errors (English is my second language.)

::Site guide:: up!down!

There is no site map made. Everything is containted within the parent folder and not in any subsequent ones to avoid errors. Images are not kept within a separate folder, but are named according to the objects they depict. All other file names and types are valid. The design works best on full-screen IE 5+ with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels per inch. It does work with Netscape 4.7, but it doesn't look nice and neat (why should there be so many Internet browsers anyway?)

::References, copyrights and disclaimer:: up!down!

The background image used throughout these pages is taken from fe-construction.jpg, courtesy of Dawn Ball of finalendeavor. All other pictures are by myself using Paint (cropping and minimum labeling are done to it.) Do not hesitate to contact me for compliments, job offers and death threats (although I personally prefer the first one.)

::Thank-you note!:: up!down!

Before I really forget, I need to thank 'Babe' for giving me the life and time, to my family (and my extended family as well) for chasing me up with deadlines, my 'pengawal' for cheering me up and encouraging me not to give up. Thanks for Paul and Jacob for technical support and Stannie for feedback. Your support is great in meaning, although it often goes unrealised.

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Last updated: 30 September 2002

my XHTML 1.0 is valid! my CSS is valid!