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Interesting things @So0therz::::

::Drawing:: up!down!

Anyone who has ever sat next to me in a lecture would notice my reaction of not finding my good ol' mechanical pencil inside my pencil case: panic. I love drawing. So nice of me (just trying to forget my Intro Macro assignment) I've put up a simple gallery for you filled with some pictures. I am no Michelangelo, but if you want to believe so... imagine a three-year-old drawing a mural on her bedroom walls. That was me.

::Sleeping in:: up!down!

This is an activity all uni students surely wouldn't want to miss. Dozing back to sleep... suddenly those pillows seem so unbearingly inviting to be tested. Here comes TQM - let's check on the quality of your mattress and pillows. What is better than the warmth emitted from your [almost burning] electric blanket enclosed around your body by a doona?

::Trying out weird recipes:: up!down!

I'm yet to burn down a whole kitchen, but burning the bottom of the pan is ...not as rare an occasion. It is also justifiable that love of eating derives down from this very activity. My sister always told me to cook decent food, but nevertheless I rebel and do something out of the three-buck cooking book without noticing its missing pages. One of the tried-and-true results of these experiments is something by the name of 'mango and nutmeg whipped pudding' (thanks Winnie!) Or panna cotta. Whatever.

::Fondling a satin ribbon:: up!down!

This is the weirdest thing I love to do the most. So soft you'll want to put it on your lips (I don't put it in my mouth and drool saliva on it though.) You will always see me having a satin ribbon next to me, whether it's a small piece or a huge roll of it. Let other people hang their name tags and little bells on their mobile phone cover... I'll stick with my ribbon.

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Last updated: 30 September 2002

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