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Who is Shinichi? Well, a lot of people ask about this ^__^ Shinichi Kudou, 17, is a famous high-school detective. A lot of mysterious cases have been solved by him, and he becomes "The Saviour of Japanese Cops Department". His life is going well, until one day when he goes to Tropical Land...

Two suspicious men dressed in black coat (MIB? No...) appear on a case there. Shinichi suspects their way of looking to other people, their eyes looks like cold-blooded killers. He spies them, and sees a transaction between a man with one of those "MIB". Since he spies them, he absorbed to it and doesn't realize that one of the suspicious men has stood near him, hits him on his head, and everything goes black for Shinichi...

During his semi-conscience period, a mysterious capsule is forced down to his throat, reasoning to kill him. They leave Shinichi, Shinichi feels that his bones are melting, and... find himself shrinks into a little boy!

Being a boy for the second time really makes him uncomfortable, and he runs to ask help to Dr Agasa, a scientist who lives next to him. Dr Agasa also doesn't believe that the young boy that stands on front of him is Shinichi, until he tells him that he went to Colombo before.

"If someone knows that Shinichi Kudou is not dead, they'll search for you and kill you!" Dr Agasa's quote makes Shinichi turns away from his home, brought by Ran, his girlfriend, to her house and keeps him under her wings. Shinichi then picked another name to bury his identity, and he just says... "Conan Edogawa!"

Well, I don't like to spoil the whole story, but this story is NOT about Shinichi struggling as Conan, but HOW Conan solve cases that seems impossible, and has a lot of informations in there... (ie I just know that blood dries between 15-30 minutes in normal circumstances...)

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