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The Suspects

Shinichi Kudou

A 17-year-old famous high-school detective in Teitan High School. Superb in soccer, a freak in Physics, and speculation maniac. Really bad in music and ...hates it as well! Ran's to-be boyfriend, but just Dr Agasa and Heiji who knows about it (Sonoko just assumes that "...") He lives all by himself in a BIG house (exact address: Block 2 No. 21, Beika City) since his parents left him for Los Angeles. Don't worry, he's not yet an orphan (wait for another 30 years or so to see it happens). He always claims that he is a detective everytime he's asked what's his name. Watch his quote, "Shinichi Kudou, detective!"

Conan Edogawa

The shrunk form of Shinichi after forced to drink APTX 4869 (the mysterious poison). OF COURSE he has the same ability as Shinichi (they have the same mind BUT different appearance). A student of Teitan Elementary School, he forms a detective group of four (later five with Ai Haibara) called Detective Boys, and they have solved some cases together, Well, actually, it's Conan who does it all.

Ran Mouri

Shinichi's friend since their childhood (I'm not satisfied with the term 'friend'). She brought Conan into her house, protects him under her wings, and looks after Conan and Kogorou. When she is not around they'll starve... well, most guys can't cook well. With her self-defence ability, she kicks ass everywhere she goes. One more thing: she masters Mahh-Jong within 90 minutes.

Kogorou Mouri

Ran's dad, he is a private detective (ex-police). Like father like daughter, he is a great Judo-ka player. He is a clumsy and stupid detective but becomes a very famous detective (in fact, Conan solves all his cases).
Since Shinichi shrink into a kid, he uses Kogorou's body to solve cases because he is an ABSOLUTE DUMB for a detective. At last, Kogorou takes all the credits, he becomes a famous detective, and everything goes under Conan's plan.
Well, something else I notice from him is that he cares for his daughter too much, he can kick one's ass really hard they'll get broken bones.

Dr Hiroshi Agasa

Shinichi's next-door neighbour, Conan's trustee and an inventor (Shinichi: "And how about your useless and stupid inventions?"). He invents the voice-changer bowtie, powered shoes, glasses with radar and everything, earring-shaped mobile, lunchboxed fax,... and a lot more. Still not useful??? I wonder how he says so...

Inspector Jyuuzou Megure

The head of Metropolitan Police Department. He first relied on Shinichi, but since Shinichi is not found, he turns to Kogorou, whom he once thought a idiot and careless detective.

Heiji Hattori

The only son of Heizo Hattori, Chief of Osaka Police Department. He has the same ability as Shinichi to make hypothesis, and also the West version of Shinichi (he is a famous high-school detective, too). He challenges Shinichi to solve a case, and (of course without any doubt) Shinichi wins.
Later realizes that Conan=Shinichi, when Conan use Heiji's body and voice to make the hypothesis (note the funny Kansai accent that Conan speaks). He suddenly wakes up, but just keep quiet to let Conan solves the case and get a proof that Conan=Shinichi. Note his mistake by calling Conan with "Shinichi", Ran always get suspicious but Heiji always can work out a way to trick Ran. A perfect detectives' duo with Conan.
PS: Another thing, his name means "second".

Kaitou Kid

Full name: Kaito Kuroba. Nickname? Kaitou Kid, Kid the Thief, Mysterious Thief Kid, Mysterious Thief #1412, Rupan Heisei, Shadow Sorcerer, KID_, 1412 (man, this guy has so many nicks... *-__-) He is a great magician, superb in undercovering and an "artist in stealing things" (the way he says "thief"). He is perfect in doing people's mimic, their voice, size, behaviour etc etc...
In this story, he appears as a bad guy (but he is good enough for a thief anyway) and tries to steal Black Star from Suzuki's party. However, Conan obviously gets it back from him and gave it to Sonoko's mum. He successfully fools Conan on their first meeting. Second appearance in Vol 20, Conan knows him from his anagram name "Katsuki Doito". If I may say so, he's the only bad guy Conan can't catch.
One more thing, he hates fish!

Detective Boys

Ayumi Yoshida, Genta Kojima and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya. Conan's classmates in Teitan Elementary School and form a detective group of four... five, with Ai Haibara.
There's a... ummm... pentagonal love(?) between them. Genta and Mitsuhiko likes Ayumi, Ayumi likes Conan, and Conan loves Ran. I think Ai likes Conan, too, but I'm not pretty sure about it.

Eri Kisaki

Kogorou's wife, they live apart since Ran was 10 years old. Eri is a lawyer and she has everything good in a woman. She mastered self-defence (Judo) as well as her family do. First appearance in Vol 11
She is pretty, clever, but I don't know somehow she loves Kogorou and can't get divorced instead of live apart. I'd like to get divorced if I were her...

Ai Haibara

Real name: Shiho Miyano. Codename: Sherry. The inventor of APTX 4869. Confused? She was a member of Underground Crime Ring (an organisation where those "MIB" work there). Her sister, Akemi Miyano's death turns her away. She is about to be killed when she remembers about the effects APTX 4869. Then she felt that it'd be better if she commited suicide, so she drinks it and gets away from her handcuffs. She doesn't feel embarassed about being a kid again because she knows that Shinichi Kudou experiences the same thing. Ai is an introvert in every way she is, she's mysterious.

Yuusaku Kudou

A famous mystery novel writer, and also a top international author. He has a tendency to be proud of his own ability, but Shinichi owns the ability to solve all his cases. Like father like son, Yuusaku really shows his quality as Shinichi's dad in his knowledge about crime-making and crime-solving, but his quote differs from his son's: "I'm not a detective, I'm only a writer". He's really famous because of his novel "Baron Night".

Yukiko Kudo

Shinichi's mum. She WAS a top artist when she married Yuusaku, but still can fooled Conan. She's a housewife, and now stays in Los Angeles. Yukiko is very proud of her fame in Japan, and she still thinks that she should dress up as someone else to avoid crowds in Japan. Thirty-eight years old... and still pretty...

Fumiyo Edogawa/Oriko Fumiyo

She is Conan's mum! Confused? That's the story...

Sonoko Suzuki

The second daughter of Suzuki family. Conan has used her body and her voice several times to solve some cases. Ran's best friend. She has a sister named Ayako Suzuki. Still looking for boyfriend (in case you'd like to be her boyfriend...)

Kazuha Tooyama

Heiji's (girl)friend. Well, she is roughly like Ran (isn't she the West version of Ran?) First she gets jealous with "Shinichi Kudou", and yell to Ran, whom she once thought as "Shinichi Kudou". Somehow, she tells Ran about her relationship with Heiji linked with... "Iron Chain"? (A piece of old handcuff, later saves Conan's life).

Other supporting characters

Detectives and Officers

There is a lot of characters in Detective Conan, I'm getting confused which one I should type @__@ Besides Inspector Megure, there are Inspector Ninzaburou Shiratori, Detective Yokomizo, Detective Miwako Satou and Detective Wataru Takagi (I like Detective Takagi...)


There is Lex, and the most important, Two-Mix!!! Two-Mix is real, don't think they're just in manga, and the funniest thing is... Minami Takamiya is the dubber of Conan's voice. It is sooo funny to hear that Conan's voice is the same as Minami's voice ^^


There are a lot to be mentioned such as Suzuki Co., Takasugi Co., Tomizawa Co., Hatamoto Co., Mifune Electronics... Some stories are linked with the murder of someone who is the head of the zaibatsu, the fiancee, their child's friend etc etc... Gosho Aoyama creates a link between all of them with reappearing them in Suzuki's party.

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