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::What this is about:: up!down!

Firstly, I'm really sorry for the amount of popups appearing on your initial click to this page. This page was created to help prospective employee navigate through documentations that are of interest and help to them... as well as a simple showpiece of tech whiz. This page provides links to PDF files on documents such as academic transcripts, certificates and letters of interest. Please be courteous and not divulge my personal details to unrelated third parties.

::Documentation list:: up!down!

Without further ado, here comes the list:

Academic transcript
Proof of completion of Bachelor of Commerce degree at The University of Melbourne

PwC vacation employment
Letter of confirmation on December 2004 tenure at PwC Jakarta

Facilitator 2005
Certificate on involvement as a Host Facilitator in Melbourne University 2005 Orientation

Student guide
Certificate on involvement as a Guide in the University of Melbourne during new students' enrolment period

O-Host 2005
Certificate on involvement as a Student Host in Melbourne University 2005 Orientation

O-Host 2004
As above, in 2004

O-Host 2003
As above, in 2003

Certificate issued upon completion of VCE

ABW 2001
Deakin's e-booklet to certify scholarship offer made for the 2001 Australian Business Week program

Certificate on involvement in the 2000 Monash UNISYS IT Summer School

Reference letter personally made by the Principal of Camberwell Anglican Girls' Grammar School, given upon completion of VCE

::Additional information:: up!down!

Should you need to obtain a copy of my transcript, please send me an email to either my Yahoo! or GMail account, along with the intended use of transcript and an address to send or hand-deliver the transcript to. If you are residing in Australia, expect the transcript to arrive within a week.

::Final words:: up!down!

Hope that helps. Have a nice day!

Last updated: 1 March 2005